Project Ideas

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Podcasting using laptops, Podium, Edirols and midi keyboard

See the mind map Podcast.jpg

  • Soap Opera style radio play that each school contributes to via episodes (Ken)
  • Local History: mini documentary about the work of The Newham Museum Archaeological Service (previously Passmore Edward and Manor Valley museums), the history of the local area, involving interviews with staff from the museum (Terry)
  • Local history: interviews with elderly residents about changes over time. (Terry)
  • Book reviews: children from different schools read the same book, then have a podcast discussion about it Same idea could be applied, instead, to anything: certain type of food, a local amenity, a film etc; but book reviews could be tied into literacy aims (Terry)
  • A group of children Interview a local celebrity/footballer from West Ham FC/local author/?? NB it doesn't have to be a local author: the Society of Authors maintains a list of authors willing to speak in schools, but that would incur a fee (Terry)
  • Podcast travelogue about living in different areas of Newham. Here's an example of how a similar project was set up between Australia and New Zealand (Terry)
  • Children could work in pairs to produce a documentary about their own culture. Note thast this idea could be adapted to involve podcasting, video, live media, VC or photos (Terry)
  • Schools newsletter –News items to share between schools
  • Performance Poetry/Rap Competition –Online voting –Each school uploads entries to the web MLE
  • Online reading record –Reading with expression –Self Evaluation –Reading Gym activity
  • Dual language stories –Invite parents to translate –Available for everyone to use

Animation using laptops, Vivitar Cameras and 2Animate

See the Mind Map Animation.jpg
  • Favourite Story animation project (Ken)
  • 2D paper animations
  • Animated Fairytales
  • ‘Morph’ style Plasticine animation
  • Adverts – PSHE clips on bullying
  • Animation of own stories
  • Animations with a PE focus
  • Remakes of popular cartoons
  • Animations of Science Process eg ‘Growing Plants’

Live webcasts using Synergy Sound Studio, Edirols and Audacity

See the Mind Map Synergy.jpg

  • 'Radio E13' monthly webcast. Each school takes it in turn each month to put together a show (Ken)
  • LGfL run annual live Web casts with a curriculum focus
  • ‘Radio E13’ Monthly live web cast -termly News Bulletins –Sports updates from local league matches –Agony Aunt Show –Each school takes it in turn to produce - Made up of live and recorded audio
  • Online Music Competition –Live performance –Singing –Playing

Moving image presentations using Vivitar Cameras (and or JVC) and Movie Maker

See the Mind Map Vivitar.jpg

  • Documentary style reports on local topical issues (eg a video podcast) (Ken)
  • "TV E13": ssimilar to Ken's Radio E13, but on video (Terry)
  • Using Vivitar in webcam mode, pairs of children, or small groups, from different schools, to discuss a local issue, Look here for an example of a video that came out of a collaboration between a high school in Israel and one in Canada. (Terry)
  • What's their job? Class in school A interviews someone (could be a teacher), and classes in the other school(s) have to work out what the person's job is (Terry)
  • E13 TV –Promotions for school/federation events –Teachers and children create educational films –Weather Reports –School Council
  • Music Videos
  • Remakes of films and promotions
  • Space and Beyond –Chn explain science facts with a backdrop of planets
  • Introduction to school Video –Different languages for mid-phase admissions –for new parents & pupils

Still image presentations using Vivitar Cameras and Microsoft Photostory3

See the Mind Map Photostory.jpg

  • Classes from each school create a slideshow about their school to share with other schools in the federation (Ken)
  • Classes from each school create a slideshow about the East Ham nature reserve (Terry)
  • Classes from each school create a slideshow about a local issue (Terry)
Note that photos could be uploaded to, and the children could add audio comments, and visitors to the show on Voicethread could leave their own audio comments (Terry)

  • Contrasting Localities - Each school collects photos from in and around school
  • Freeze Frame drama –Each school creates own voice over –Tells a story
  • Famous People
  • My School In words and Pictures –Schools visit each other and create presentation
  • Pop Art –Children recreate iconic images

Video conferencing

See the Mind Map Video_Conferencing.jpg

  • Teachers use VC kit to teach speciallist lessons across the Federation (ken)
  • Could use VC kit or webcams to enable children in different classes in different schools to "show and tell", eg about a project they have been working on
  • Set up an interview with a famous person, eg local MP, or Jim Knight (ambitious, but I think he might be game for it!) (Terry)
  • Children showcase talent
  • Debating club
  • MFL – Pair with other schools
  • Transition Projects
  • What’s My Job? School ‘A’ Interviews someone in school ‘B’

Video broadcasts using JVC camera, video mixing desk and green screen

See the Mind Map JVC.jpg
  • E13 TV: School Council Weather Reports, Promotions for school/federation events, Teachers and children create educational films
  • Space and Beyond:Chn explain science facts with a backdrop of planets
  • Remakes of films and promotions
  • Music Videos
  • Introduction to school Video :Different languages for midphase admissions For new parents & pupils
  • Interviewing : Pupils choose a career & pretend to be that person EG footballer with Wembley in Background , members of after school clubs to encourage attendance
Music/Song creating using midi keyboards

See the Mind Map Midi_keyboard.jpg

* Jingles: For Radio plays and adverts
  • GT Music group performance e.g. to accompany other instruments
  • Create a school signature tune / Class tune/ Federation Tune
  • Create Mobile Phone Ring tones
  • Music to accompany poetry/Photo story/School Production
Mixed media projects using a combination of resources

See the Mind Map Mixed.jpg

  • Films on video accompanied by own music
  • Film editing - changing music
  • 3 Minute Wonder Channel 4
  • Reports on school events with pictures and sound
  • ‘E-twinning’ -using age appropriate media
  • Introduction video for new pupils eg produced by parents
  • Use Edirols to Narrate Photo story
Other ideas…